Standing Strong Together: Supporting Stephen Pearson’s Journey

Standing Strong Together: Supporting Stephen Pearson’s Journey

Esteemed member Stephen Pearson needs our community’s support now more than ever. Stephen, a cherished member of the North Watford Bowls Club, has been given a difficult prognosis: just 18 months to live due to a recurrence of lung cancer.

Originally diagnosed in August 2022, Stephen underwent surgery with hopes of a cure. However, the cancer returned in November 2023, now at stage three. While chemotherapy offers a limited extension, Stephen’s family is rallying to raise £60,000 for advanced stem cell treatments, aiming to extend his life and alleviate his suffering.

Stephens daughter Callina has launched a GoFundMe campaign to finance additional therapies alongside chemotherapy. Stephen, a Lancashire native and Watford resident for four decades, is a supportive father who finds joy in golf, darts, and, of course, bowls at our club.

Stephen’s entrepreneurial spirit has touched many, including during the Covid pandemic when he created bespoke PPE packs. Despite previous radiotherapy, further conventional treatment is no longer an option. Instead, his family is seeking Dendritic Cell Therapy (DCT) and Umbilical Cord Blood Cytokine Induced Killer Cells (UCB CIK) at a clinic in south London, which promises a personalized approach to bolstering his immune system.

This advanced treatment, administered over six months, offers hope and comfort, complementing Stephen’s ongoing chemotherapy. We, at North Watford Bowls Club, stand in solidarity with Stephen and his family, supporting their fundraising efforts to provide him with every opportunity for a prolonged and pain-free life.

To contribute to Stephen’s treatment fund, please visit his GoFundMe page [here]. Your generosity and support mean the world to Stephen and his loved ones. Let’s unite as a community to offer strength and hope to one of our own.

The Watford Observer has featured Stephen’s story and his GoFundMe campaign, amplifying its reach and garnering further support from the community. You can read the article online [here] and it will be available in print on April 12th.